maps of her design... unspoken language.

"...unspoken language."

Hani had been one of her life long friends. Well not so much life long, but she'd known her for at least half of her life. She was the type of person Elise would always have in her life. That person whom you feel like you have always known. Elise and Hani were very similar, their humor, interests, music, and even style were similar. Their years at design school had their ups and downs, but they always supported one another. Long talks, multiple cups of coffee, and tears brought on from laughter were usual. 

Elise had seen Hani grown into an amazing woman. From the procrastination girl that, at the time, had her priorities mixed up, to the young woman that had made the sacrifices and grabbed life by the horns. Her sweet persona made her loveable. She was honest and patient. Hani made Elise want to be a better person. Not a lot of people motived Elise like that. After graduation, Elise and Hani went to Germany. Their first time truly out of the States. They had grown together on that trip; they had reached a deeper level of understanding of what true friendship was, and that they could not have found better people to call their best friend.

Since Elise's return, they hadn't spent much time together. Although both were the busy sort, they made time for their chats and excursions. Elise drove to Hani's apartment in K-Town after work one afternoon. "So how's Julian," asked Hani, knowing all of Elise's feelings. "He's well, busy at the university. He started teaching more classes. We had dinner a few weeks ago."

Elise answered, dodging Hani's true motive behind the inquiry. Hani had observed Julian and Elise's friendship from the start. Quite frankly, she believed they were meant for one another. "It's too late, Hani. I shouldn't fret over him anymore." Being best friends, there was an unspoken language. Each knew what the other was thinking, what the other was feeling. Hani had received letters from Elise during her year in Paris. She was so excited to hear of internship, of her bew friendships with Clemency and Stephan. She also knew that Xavier's care for Elise sparked a revelation in her life.

Deep down inside Elise knew she'd regret waiting for so long when nothing would happen. He loved her...but not in the way she loved him. 


  1. "Each knew what the other was thinking, what the other was feeling"- Awesome!!! this is a true friend... awesome!♥


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