Train of thoughts

my trusty notebook

A friend of mine had asked for me to explain how I feel when I love... well in the past, I'm positive I've never loved. There has been one person whom I have always felt something different for. So, while on the train during the golden hour, I sat next to the window and played Sigur Rós. Thinking of this person, this is what I got. The title is, well poor. Let me know what you think.

"In His Arms"

Seeing him made her heart beat wilder than she'd ever experience. Her rationality was gone, all she could do is feel. Feel an array of sentiment that made no sense. He caused her to believe that despite the disheartening world and people in it, everything would be okay. He revived all the good in her and saw more than just the nice girl. Without a word, he encouraged her to become more. Every second she spent with him, she transcended and became who she always expected herself to grow up into. Her body reluctantly slid away from his welcoming embrace. Once that second had passed, all was gone. 


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