maps of her design...bonnes nouvelles!

"...bonnes nouvelles!"

Spending more time with Hani, working harder at the company's Spring launch, and trying not to focus so much on Julian (which was impossible), Elise had been focusing on attaining everything she wanted in life. She had been receiving and answering letters from Clemency. She and Stephan would be visiting her, staying with her for three weeks. She was excited, soon she'd have both parts of her life together. She'd be able to Clemency and Stephan all the places she treasured. They'd finally meet Hani and Julian. 

She waited at LAX.  From among the crowd, she saw this slender guy with a camera around his neck. And next to him... "Clemency!" Clemency was such a joyous girl, able to cheer anyone up whether they were gloom-some or not.

Their first night seemed like all their other nights in Paris. Laughter, wine, and stories. It seemed as if life had slowed down into a tranquil state since their arrival. Of course Hani and Julian joined for the welcoming night. Although they were all excited, Elise could tell Clemency was somewhat anxious. "Spill the beans...something's up with you," she asked Clemency. Whom in response coyly laughed, "I have no idea what you are talking about." "Come on, Stephan," Elise eagerly awaited a response. He'd have to clear things up, "well you see..." "We're getting married!" interjected Clemency. 

The night continued to with a bigger uproar than before, turning into a celebration. Elise tended to observe situations, detaching herself from what was going on. She was so happy for Clemency and Stephan; they were right for one another. Something drew her out from the brief moment of contemplation... "Taking it all in, right?" uttered Julian. She laughed as she went to grab a bottle of champagne she had. He followed behind her, wondering what exactly she was thinking about. 

The fact that they were all finally together, the two people that were always there for her and the two new people who were there with her when she finally took on life on an independent way. Independent in the way that the world, the people, the culture around her was unknown. She wanted to keep the feeling of appreciation for them all. And now, now that Clemency and Stephan were getting married, she wanted to keep that example of love alive in her memory. They always seemed to be engaged to be engaged, if that made sense, but now things were right. 

He walked up to her, placing his hand on her waist and drew her in for a kiss on the cheek. He softly smiled as he drew away; she reciprocated and walked back into the living room. She felt tears accumulating in her eyes... moving on felt impossible. 


  1. OMG!!!!! Hahahaha! “ engages to be engaged” … and again OMG getting married!! Really geez such a massive step for clemency!!!! I love this story!!! ..


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