Delayed Summer happenings

Sadly, my Summer has started off a bit slowly. I've been workign more than usual, which can be a positive. Work has been a bit hectic this week...being inventory week and all. This year, I didn't get called in so early; so I am greatful for that. I've done it before, so I understand.

I've been hanging out with my friend, Kathy with a K. So I've met some new and amazing people: musicians, photographer, directors, writers...and all goofballs. Hanging out at dive bars has been fun.

Also, now that VR is free from school, I get to see her a bit more as well. You know, the and laughs. I have no photographic documentation of these events, I guess I have too much fun to even think of taking pictures.

I was supposed to go to the beach today, but of course my Ever had to kill the plans. So, I took up another shift at work... it's odd but hey... I have nothing better to do. So I'm here, typing away before I start.

Oh! I have an extremely lavish wedding to go to tomorrow..amazing! It's black tie.. so my sibligs got tuxes and I got a fabulous dress. Pictures will be posted later. Tschuss!


  1. Summer time, such an awesome time, some days are off, but others are brilliant doll, I must hang-out with you I miss you!!!!! and you will never ever be Replaced! Love ya!!!.... Take care, ok now I have to read the rest of your posts!♥


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