As you all know, I'm born and raised in LA. Frankly, I don't know how I've been spared from fulfilling some of the typical traits on an LA kind of gal. I feel like I'm an old soul that belongs in Portland or something like that. I'm branded by others with terms like "hipster" or just plain ol' "hippie." Since I am neither of the two, I'm sure people just don't know what they are talking about.

This weekend I had two parties to go to. Yes, wedding pictures from Friday will be up later this week, but I attended farewell shindig for Fiona on Sunday. It was fun, my friend Gigi did a good job on inviting a good crowd. I was especially glad to have made a new friend, hence my intro paragraph to today's post.

I have different sets of friends in my life. The ones I enjoy the most are the ones that challenge me intellectually. Sharing books, music, films, and art are main focuses when we are all together. Of course, talk about the best coffee, breweries, and dive bars also come into play. Since I have found those rare gems among the LA scene, I'm holding on for dear life! Haha, I hope I bring something to the table too.

So back to my new friend. As my friends know... I've been dying to go to Portland and Seattle. Solemnity has come from failed promises of a trip this year. But my new friend is actually from Seattle and also worked in Portland...that's legit. I do  have to say I'm sure I'll be discovering new music and events because of this... which gets me extremely pumped.

Even yesterday, I went to Amoeba with VR, Richard que Richard, and Andrew... I have a new music list! Andrew broadened my view on genres of music I already like. I do have to admit, I stuck to one of my loves and bought a Beirut record! Score! Now that my record play will be getting repaired (low volume issues) I get to listen to my records again! What's more... I'm getting my road bike repaired as well. This Summer will be "rad" as my friend Diana says. I just need some money to get my camera, Ansel, fixed. Yes I have a name for my camera...and my typewriter.

I'd fit in lol


Ansel Adams



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