Yellowstone time

As a child, even before being able to attend school, my family and friends would go to so many places. I love camping and personally need it. Nature recharges my batteries. Camping in Yosemite was an annual thing... along with Disneyland of course.

As I got older, I continued to go camping (Sequoia isn't as beautiful), but it wasn't annual, and it wasn't with people I enjoyed (those of you who I love camping with... you know who you are).

This year I am going to Disneyland but I'm not getting my pass this time, which saddens me. Also on my Summer 2013 list is... YELLOWSTONE!!!

I've never been there before. So now I'm trying to plan it. Need to see how packed camping grounds are along with fees. Seeing how long it would take my friends and I to drive and gas costs is also on the list. When it comes camping gear...I'm pretty much set. I have tents, sleeping bags, chairs, bug repellent, etc.

I'm in need of hiking and swimming. Wouldn't mind going fishing either. I love living in LA, but I need to get out of the city this Summer. I can go to Florida in a few weeks, but I'd just be in the city. Sitting at work right now isn't much of a help either... I'm even yearning for the smell of pine trees.

If you've gone... anything I should know? Where will your nature destination be this year?


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