New mantra

VR & me

So, my lovely VR and I have declared 2013 our year. With her graduating, and both of us turing 24... watch out world! I've been using the phrase, "grab the world by the horns" as my motivation. It's been working haha. I guess I need a short mantra since I can't just say that over and over so quickly. Maybe I'll say, " world's horns" as my mantra! hahaha 

Now, life seems great with things that I treasure and want in life. Hard work and persistence leads to success and happiness. I'm not talking about finances, since most of you all know that I'm broke...and if you didn't, now you know. 

Now I will use my mantra to get my cousin to the states for a great summer! "World's horns... world's horns... world's horns!" hahaha.... anything is possible. 

yesterday's beach day


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