Oscar Sunday

This was a busy weekend... and outfits will be posted soon. The only lame thing of this weekend, is that I didn't get to watch the red carpet for this year's Oscars. So obviously I don't get any references made on the tele since Sunday. I went online to check out the fashion, and here are the ones I loved.
Brad & Angelina

Brad, well Brad always looks handsome in a Tom Ford. I do prefer that Inglorious Basterds haircut on him, but hey who can complain. Angelina... her dress! This Elie Saab dress was so detailed and beautiful. It was a classic look. Although I would have loved to see her in an up-do so she takes second place for me. 
Elie Saab: Fall/ Winter 2013-2014
Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. I love the long necklace in the back. 
The always gorgeous Julia in Givenchy. Timeless Julia. 
Cate Blanchett in Giorgio Armani. Oh that Armani dress!!! I saw a clip of her acceptance speech, and her dress made her glow. Perfect for Galadriel! 

Jennifer Lawrence


Julia Roberts
 Charlize is included in this post because she rocks the short hair! And her sultry eyes... she is just drop-dead gorgeous. 
Sandra's look was third for me. This Alexander McQueen dress was perfectly draped. The rich dark blue color was exquisite. Simple jewelry and a smoky-eye, ending it with that Hollywood glamour hair... great job, Sandra!

Charlize Theron

Sandra Bullock

Kate wasn't being raved about as much as I think she should have been. Honestly, she's my FAVORITE this year. For those that know me, anything with that old Hollywood glam feel wins my heart. Overall, Kate takes it! The hair, the makeup, jewelry, accessories, and her Versace dress!!! You're just killing me, Kate. What did for me was the cape. It wasn't just a cape, but it had the draping in the back that exposed the low cut back of the dress... great touch.

Kate Hudson
Of course I have to include some of the men, besides Brad. Chris Hemsworth's David August tuxedo was awesome! I love that it wasn't just a black tux. And well, with a handsome man like Chris... he could be wearing a garbage bag and still look hot... but I prefer the tux haha. 
Oh... my man crush at the moment, Jared Leno. I'm sorry but not until he grew out his hair did I think he was smoking hot. I don't know he had somewhat emo hair and looked like that High School Musical kid. Now, in his Saint Laurent tuxedo... keep the hair! It's even ombre... oh that Jared Leto!

Jared Leno


  1. I really loved Cate Blanchette!! Not only do I consider her dress Fantastic but her acceptance speech was smart delivered with such grace and intelligence I was like dang shes awesome!! Charlize what can I say I’ve always though she was a Rock Star I love her dress! And Angelina looked elegant , brad should really listen to your advice lol!♥


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