To be a Kid Again

On Sunday I went to grab coffee with a friend, my sister and eldest brother actually joined us. We chatted about many things, but one of the topics were my brother's childhood shenanigans. Although I have a sister, we don't have much to do with one another, we're just two very different people.  

Growing up, we had three friends (all boys) that I still consider my big brothers. I can honestly say those were great days. We'd visit them in San Diego, and they'd come visit us. We spent vacations together, sometimes just weekends...they would end with one of us or them crying. We were so close to one another, leaving each other sucked. 

I was thinking about those times, once again, because Sunday we remembered a lot of typical childish things we'd do. My brother was a bit of a pyromaniac so things were burned, even a tree at once haha. But they'd also do lost of flashlight tag, late night raccoon chasing, dumpster diving, and playing chicken in the pool. Of course, being the youngest AND a girl, I couldn't do everything the guys did, but I was around. I'd pull my own pranks on them... and well I got into physical fights with them too haha. There's a lot of films that remind me of those times. 

Son of Rambow

Not a lot of people have seen this film, it's so good! It's about these two boys that start making a film. The kids at school hear about it and want in, even the cool foreign exchange student. One of my favorite scenes is when the two kids get to hangout with the older students, total 80s scene!!! 
It reminds me of when my friends and I were in cinema. We had fun making movies, pretending to people we are not. It was really hard for me... especially when I was a creepy killer in a film we made named, The Umbrella... dun dun dun. Resisting a burst of laughter while my friends danced and made odd faces behind the camera... well, actors have a tough job. 

La nouvelle guerre de boutons
War of Buttons

Boys and war... it seems to go hand in hand. I remember we would dig holes in our backyard, place a G.I. Joe or some action figure in it, and then light a firecracker. I don't know where we'd get firecrackers, but it was fun. I got to play with my brothers' toys, they were better than mine. 

This film takes place in Occupied France. This film puts child's play up against real war. 


Okay... I love the Argentinean accent! That and the Spanish accent... I melt. Valentín isn't that much of an upbeat film like the previously mentioned. It's more of a sentimental film. The lines written for this kid though, profound. He delivers it so well. Valentín really wants a family. His father's continuous path of dating various women makes Valentín long for stability. His input in trying to set his father up with his teacher and his dreams of becoming an astronaut is endearing. 

Besides those here are some of my favorites and some old classics. If I missed any, just let me know: 

Moonrise Kingdom


The Goonies


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