Outfit of the Day| Mint Bordeaux V-Neck

As some of you know, one of my jobs is at Anthropologie... gasp! Yes every girl's eyes widen and jaws drop. It's fun. I like clothes and trying to create new outfits with what I have. So working at Anthro works out for me, I never thought I'd like working retail, but then again Anthro isn't your typical store. 

At work the girls and I have an ongoing inside gag. I hardly wear pants, so they say I'm "fancy." If I ever do have one of my "lazy days" and wear pants... one of them usually points it out and exclaims, "you're wearing pants today!" This week I had two lazy days in a row. But not today! I just got this new Bordeaux Elementary v-neck in mint (STYLE: 4112209023910). I couldn't resist wearing it as soon as I can. So here was my "fancy" Outfit of the Day. 

Bordeaux V-Neck: Anthropologie (STYLE: 4112209023910)
Skirt: Thrift
Blazer: H&M 
Belt: my mom's
Clutch: Oggi Domani (mom's)
Watch: Nordstrom
Shoes: Urban  
Sombra Sunglasses: Anthropologie (STYLE: 28926582)
Cigarette Case that I use as a wallet: from Germany (Ja... Deutschland!) 


  1. haba haba!!! you look amazing!!!!!♥ the color the everything!! awesome outfit♥


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