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Who can resist a well dressed man? I grew up around guys in suits and I learned... that most of them don't know how to dress! Haha, it's sad but true. Now, most of my guy friends are great dressers. I just love how they dress!!! I love their bow ties, skinny ties, and even the mustache! Those who need help, ask me... so it works out. 

In my routine of catching up with blogs I follow, I came across a video that the ever-so handsome Brian of He Spoke Style just posted. It's a great video, not just for men, but even for those that are looking for a great gift. The combinations he puts together are also great ideas.

So he's a fact from my personal life that I don't share with people... I have a brother (at least one). I don't dress him, but I do buy him many different things. I even got him a vintage leather Hartmann briefcase like this one:

I get him most of his ties so I noticed I'm missing some based on Brian's tips. I'm actually croqueting a tie for him now. I'm also making croquet rosettes. Any who, I thought you guys would enjoy the video. 


  1. Okay I loved all the male component of this post!♥ they look amazing! And He spoke style! Such a fabulous blog! He has amazing style! I felt envy! If some of those blazers would somehow be transferred over to my closet I wouldn’t mind it lol! Incredible post!

  2. Oh and I loved his "Morning Coffee" post! I need a chemex asap!!


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