Back to the Grind

I've been back at my usual routine: workout, clean, cook, garden, and art. No television after finishing House of Cards and catching up with Mad Men when I get the chance. On my days off, I'll just attend to my household duties blasting music. 

I hadn't worked out in months, I missed it. It's just keeping the routine that's the hard part for me. I do P90X. I think it's fun, the first time you ever do it, you feel horrible... I think that's what makes it work haha. One of the gals at work said I was crazy for doing P90X haha, thanks! I started getting back at it, as soon as I wake up. Just do it, and you have energy for the rest of the day. That means that I've started eating breakfast as well, yogurt with fruit and some coffee. That's how today started, since I wasn't needed at work. Now we have Tony's 10 Minute Trainer Workout, so that will come in handy when I'm rushing off to work. 
home gym
Cleaning, well cleaning is the same; I just have more time to be more OCD about things. Cooking, well I forget to take pictures of what I've cooked. Seeing that I don't eat meat or chicken, I forget to snap shots since I'm cooking for my roommates... aka my siblings. Vicky came over yesterday, and I gave her this sweet and spicy chicken that I made. Asking her to be honest with me, she really liked it! She found it funny that I can cook chicken perfectly, moist and all, without tasting it. She made an awesome salad: watermelon, strawberries, kale, walnuts, feta, and raspberries with balsamic and EVOO. Last time she came over we had another mini feast: mac and cheese with breadcrumbs, tomatoes, parmesan, and EVOO drizzled over and placed into the broiler. Then I sliced some olive bread, drizzled EVOO on it with slivered garlic and sun-dried tomatoes.  Every time we get together like that, I can totally sense how it would be if we lived together. We've been wanting to be roommates for a long time!

I've come up with a few designs for this little section of my front yard that I love retreating to in the afternoons. I sit there and read or draw, I feel like it's my escape at home. Being surrounded by trees and feeling the sun come thru the mini canopy. Today I planted a jasmine tree at the foot of my window... can't wait till it covers my window and brings that alluring smell into my room. The water bottle is for self watering. Keep the top on, punch holes in it at different levels, and the bottom off. I also have plans for the backyard. That'll take a longer time, and more money. I'm going to build a pergola and build a fire pit. 

I have some exciting news... I might show some artwork in a gallery! You know me, always in LA and always socializing. Because of that I might might have my stuff displayed in one of The Last Bookstore galleries. Also, I talked to a floral shop and I might make cards for them to sale. It's all super exciting! I just have to get on it. I lost most of my pictures the last time my hard drive erased... sadness. And I'm scared to take my camera to the shop, I don't want to get yelled at haha. That means... I need to work on something new for the gallery. I also need to make cards...eek! 

The Royal Tenenbaums

Oh, and well work is the same hahaha.

So now I'm sitting here, drinking some tea and listening to Ty Segall... which reminds me... did you get your FYF Fest tickets today? Because I sure did... see you there. THE STROKES and INTERPOL?! I just had to go!


  1. This isn’t shenanigans I have this lovely drawing on my nightstand that’s how much I looooooove it! thanks Lin!! Awesome post {wink wink:p)♥


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