Center Stage... First Show

I was thirteen and I had just graduated middle school. We were at my graduation lunch when I started receiving gifts. My brother Dave hands me an envelope and I expect money... But no! Concert tickets!!! Ok, now, I wish that my second concert would have been my second one(you'll find out why later). My bro got me a ticket to go see Juanes. At the time, I liked listening to him, but that only lasted a few months. So here's the setup: 

Artist: Juanes
Date: Thursday, July 10, 2003 
Location: The Wiltern (second floor) 

I went with some of my brother's chick friends. I only really liked one of them. But I did meet Lisa, and we're still friends too. She's sweet and down to earth. I don't remember much except that at one point I ditched the group to go down to the balcony edge since our seats were too high up. 

When I remembered that I realized that from the beginning of my concert addiction, I'd do anything for an amazing experience at a show. The rush I get from seeing bands that have impacted my life, among fellow fans (the NON-POSER ones) can't be replaced. 

One of the things that this concert did give me is one of my closest and most cherished friends... Vicky. On our first day of high school orientation, I wore my Juanes shirt. This girl comes up to me and saw, "Oh you saw Juanes? I like Juanes too." She was the first person I talked to at school, and I'm so happy she came up to me. To this day  she's the one I can talk to about anything. When we hangout, it's the best. Our random conversations end in tears of laughter. We celebrated our Tinfinity year last year (New Girl reference). I love her to death. Thanks, Juanes! 

That was the night I realized that concerts would be a serious addiction... Get ready for the ride. In those eleven years of going to concerts... I have to say, I've been privileged to see some talented people. This is a brief entry; it's just the beginning. 


  1. I know I was laughing about Juanes but honestly if I listen to his music I find something catchy I like it!!!!, and I'm not kidding you I know most of the songs lol! pus he has amazing eyes!!


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