Simple Cheese Log Recipe

Ralphie ♥
So I've made this cheese log a few times already. I was inspired by my SD friends one night, we made it together. So I winged this one, and it's been a hit with all my friends, especially with Mommies Are Cool Too. At her request, I made it for our dinner over the weekend. 

What you need:
Fresh & Easy's Sweet and Spicy Mixed Nuts
Fresh Basil
Dried cranberries
Goat Cheese Log 

Basically it's to taste. You finely chop-up the nuts, basil, and cranberries. Roll the cheese log in the mix, making sure to cover every spot. It's perfect since my brother is off of all cow products. I usually buy crackers with it, and you get the initial pic as the result. Ralphie, Zoey, and I had already started munching, enjoy!


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