Music Memories... Center Stage

From my earliest memory, music has always been a big part of my life. Lots of my ups and downs in life have had their own soundtracks. Certain songs instantly take me back to certain experiences. I wake up and put music on, and sometimes I play certain records when I want to mellow out and fall asleep. 
Along the years, I've accumulated tons of music an gone to so many concerts. I was going through all my ticket stubs and all of these amazing memories came back to mind. So I decided to blog about them in a new section I'm calling "Center Stage." I know I've lost some stubs, and there's a lot of wristbands I didn't label. So far I've gone to 72 concerts. 
I hope you all get to enjoy my concert junkie experiences... who knows, maybe some of you were probably there with me. 


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