Center Stage: Curiosa

The earliest documentation of my love for music is a video of three year old me on the way back from the Grand Canyon. I can barely speak or rather I wasn't cooperating (I disliked being bothered by people up until I was ten). My oldest brother says, "Linda, sing it, come on." I smile mischievously with my light brown messy hair in my face... I start singing "Just Like Heaven." 

I didn't miss a word. I pronounced every word as best as I could. When we found this video, I remember my mom bitterly saying something along the lines of, "gosh, ever since you were little... You with your music." I laughed. It's true, and that was proof.

Now, I do have to say, having two older brothers was a great help when it came to being musically educated. My oldest brother Mike would tease my hair, tell my mom to put lipstick on me and then tell me to speak in a British accent. "'Ello, my name is Robert Smith."

I think The Cure helped me understand my early crushes and puppy love. 

When my brother David told me I was going to see The Cure... I flipped out!!! What topped it off was that it was going to be a mini festival with other bands that I really liked. I had class that day, and my high school is on the same campus as the Home Depot (now it's called StubHub Center). I couldn't pay attention the entire day! Setup:

Event: Curiosa
Date: Friday, August 27, 2004
Main Stage Artists: THE CURE, INTERPOL, and The Rapture
Second Stage: MUSE
Venue: Home Depot Center
Curiosa setup

Friends with me: David, Murphy, Ivan, and Marisa.
Quite frankly, there could have been other bands there but I didn't care. My memories only keep my personally pertinent bands.

It started off with The Rapture, dance! Haha I totally remember them jamming out in their little dolfin shorts..classic! There was this tall lady in front of me, so I started to learn about the lame aspects of shows. We had seats pretty close, but I really wanted to be in the pit. From what I found online, their setlist was:
1. Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks
2. Heaven
3. Olio
4. Open Up Your Heart
5. I Need Your Love
6. Killing
7. Sister Saviour
8. Echoes
9. House of Jealous Lovers
As I type in these entires I listen to the bands that I'm writing about... I so want to dance right now! 

Interpol... Interpol is in my top 5 favorite bands. I love Interpol!!! I was so excited to see them. I remember that my friend D had somehow managed to get their Antics album before it came out. It had been leaked somehow, so I had it before seeing them at Curiosa haha. They started it off with Obstacle 1... amazing! At the time Carlos D was still in the band... CARLOS was the best! The way his hair would move as he would play over his guitar in that power pose... I was in a trance. That hair... freaking Carlos! And the gun holster ... my half-German Carlos! Then of course gorgeous Paul and Daniel. My friend is a drummer and he's all about Sam, so much respect for him. So don't worry Sam, we got you covered.
Carlos D

All of a sudden there was some type of issue near the pit, people were jumping over the gates. Oh man! I remember my friend Murphy yelling, "they broke the pit!" We all paused, it felt like time stood still. We all looked at each other and then...we all ran! I was standing on my chair and I just jumped off and ran towards the pit before security closed it. I was in! Ahhhhh!!! It was awesome! I remember a dude pushing his girlfriend in front of me and then him trying to get in. He was taller than me... what a jerk... so I elbowed him. 

First experience in the pit. I was hyped! Jumping around (at the right parts), and singing along with Paul... gosh Paul! I don't know why, but I remember that my calves hurt because I decided to be on my tippy toes thru their entire set. Their set:

1. Obstacle 1
2. Roland
3. Evil
4. NYC
5. Say Hello to the Angels 
6. Slow Hands
7. Leif Erikson
8. Narc
9. PDA

Soon enough, we had to leave the pit. It was completely cleared out and then filled with ticket holders. We went to the second stage to see Muse. So at the time... Muse wasn't big at all here in the states. The fact that they were going to play on the side stage is crazy. They had just released their "Absolution" album, and we were all eager to see them!!! I love their "Origin of Symmetry" and "Showbiz" albums. 

So we headed over to the second stage and guess what... they weren't going to play...noooooo!!! I'm not sure if I'm correct, but I think one of them got sick so they canceled. That was so lame. 

second stage: tennis court

The Cure. This was a dream come true, finally I'd see Robert Smith. It was that feeling that you get as a kid the night before going to Disneyland... it continues until you get there. That joy, excitement, and anxiousness. I think for a good while I was in awe, like if I was in a dream. All of a sudden, when I heard Just Like Heaven, I felt like I was going to cry, honestly. It sounds so dumb, but it did. It was a nostalgic high ... song after song. They took me back to so many past feelings and events. It's like when you meet someone for the first time but there's an automatic connection. It's so strong that you feel like you've known them for years and you mutually understand one another. That was me with The Cure haha. This was their amazing set: 
1. Lost
2. Plainsong
3. Labyrinth
4. From the Edge of the Deep Blue Sea
5. The End of the World
6. Lovesong
7. In Between Days
8. Just Like Heaven
9. Jupiter Crash
10. Pictures of You
11. Closedown 
12. Siamese Twins
13. Before Three
14. Alt. End
15. Disintegration
16. One Hundred Years
17. The Promise

18. M
19. Play for Today
20. A Forest

Encore 2:
21. Friday I'm in Love
22. Boys Don't Cry

Found this clip online from that night:


  1. OMG!!! I think I have always said this but dang!! The Cure!! is amazing you have told me stories of the cure, and how it has definitely had an impact on your life, and how some song bring back funny anecdotes or dark memories but regardless they to something fantastic, they take us back to a place that physically we cannot…. my god I'm sure you have loads of stories to tell!!- this post was amazing! well written and so rad!!♥


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