In Need of Coffee

Let me break this down... I need a new coffee house!!!

I used to go to (yes in the past) this great coffee house, the CoffeeBar. It was a great building and atmosphere. The staff was chill and nice. I loved to get away, go there and write. Unfortunately, a chain of coffee shops, that will remain unnamed, moved into Spring Street, causing the CoffeeBar to close. I found this ridiculous firstly because the coffee was amazing! Secondly this area is all about small local shops and businesses. 

Now I need to find my new spot. I went Intelligentsia again, it's a great place. They have a good selection of brews and teas. Yesterday I had the "Iron Goddess of Mercy" (the picture above). It was delicious... very floral. The space is great as well. The only thing that doesn't make this my new spot is that it's too far... Pasadena. There's another in Silverlake and Venice. I am in Silverlake, but I don't frequent the area as much as I used to. 

VR and I go to Two Guns Espresso which I guess can be my new place. It's run by a friendly New Zealander. The pastries are a must. I'm only in El Segundo because of work; I try to stay clear of the area on my off days. 

A new spot I want to go to is Stumptown Coffee. It's a chain from Portland, first one in LA. The only reason I get iffy about chain businesses is that at times the quality and the connection with the customer is lost. 

So if anyone has any recommendations... please help!


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