Outfit of the Day: Slowly Bringing Out the Trench Coat

Colder weather is starting to move into sunny Los Angeles. It excites me, to be frank with the world. The idea of actually having seasons is something I'd like to experience at some point in my life, and our winters are the closest I get to that. Since we're still in the transition, I'm slowly bringing out the coats, but not trying to be an eskimo just yet. 
Trench coats are perfect! Such a classic piece, a necessity. Their light weight, easy to layer underneath if it truly gets cold. But on days like today, it was just what I needed. 

With that in mind, I was perusing through one of my daily blogger reads and got inspired by the combo of mint and chocolate brown. Sounds like Andes Mountain chocolate huh? Well either way, this was today's outfit. 

Mint top with white polka dots and a peter pan collar. Brown pencil skirt. Loose trench with tortoise shell buttons (the lining is black with tiny white polka dots and the sleeves are slightly puffed up at the top). Beige, vintage Dooney & Bourke bag. Tortoise shell shades. Black pointy toe flats. 


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