Just for Diana

I reflected a lot about one of my friends these past two days. After having another one of our long talks over coffee I realized something ... I'm so happy to have her in my life. D, you're someone I look up to. Like I've mentioned before, you came into my life at the right time. You get me, and I get you. Those days that we take for each other are close to my heart. 

At times when you are growing and improving, some question it ... but never you. You support me and my decisions (when they're the right thing, of course) and I will always support you. I find it comical that we both take the harder roads in life because we need the challenge, but that just makes us stronger. Love you, DOLL!!! 


  1. Oh man!!! I’m blushing with a mix of crazy butterflies dancing to some Zoe in my stomach! … On my end you know I appreciate your friendship, I think it’s hard to find people we could connect in a deeper level, a person we feel happy just to see and know she’s doing well. That’s what you are to me, we both are very unique but we complement each other brilliantly. I admire your point of view and you have this charming yet determine air around you, and that wasn’t something granted that was something you and life constructed. You have such a rad personality along with an incredible sense of humor!! You are sooo smart I would say Paris Galler? But she’s vicious at times, but you tend to surprise me with some dark humor at times hahahaha!!!. Awesome post!!♥


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