It's the thought that counts

I love giving gifts to people I consider important. Back in the day, I had more time to make a gift, wrapping, or cards. I still make cards, like the one below. 

I was adding pictures to my Pinterest from different sites. I of course had to spend some time on Green Wedding Shoes and I read this extremely sweet gesture that a groom did for his bride. 

This is Brianne & Louie

Brianne says the following on the site: 
"The gift Louie got for me was a box filled with 5 novels as pictured. They contained every text/ picture message we had ever sent to one another. He designed and put them together all himself and then got them published. And to finish it off, he went looking for a vintage box to put them all in; I am quite the lucky girl!"

She is so right haha. I love the middle picture! Louie has a joyful and satisfactory look on his face. It's the look of love, knowing that Brianne was truly surprised. Going over their love story, their communication... how sweet. I just had to share this :)


  1. That is the sweetest thing ever, it’s true, I still think the act of saying what you feel shows your valor. But it takes that much more to follow-through and show it with sweet gestures, it takes that much more to stay committed to a feeling. When I was reading your post I had this “Awwwwww FACE” lol!
    Rad post Lin!!!!!!♥

    1. I was taken so much when I was reading this. Honestly, Louie's aforethought of the entire situation... like how do you even save every message?! Or how do you get both sides of the messages... I'm sure it took time. But seeing Brianne's expression ... it was worth it. This story puts the biggest smile on my face.


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