One more trip for 2013 Part One: Palm Springs

Spontaneity, that word underlies all of my best moments for this year. In August some great friends invited me and one of my siblings to a last minute road trip, one that I loved and needed.

That same fantastic duo text yesterday morning for another last minute adventure: Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. Well all I knew about Palm Springs is what I learned from a few episodes of "We Love Lucy." I always wanted to go to Joshua Tree, so of course I had to go!

With faint music playing in the background, we started off with a great game of: "Tell us something about yourself that we don't know." Yea, that's a long title, but hey it tells you the rules of the game as well haha. Car rides are the best time to get to know people. The following is an understatement but, I really got to learn a lot about these two!!! Especially Daniel haha... what is said in the Korean Kar, stays in the Korean Kar. 
[WARNING: this post might include inside jokes :D ]

Our first stop in Palm Springs was the Aerial Tramway

Unfortunately, we didn't ride it since the wait was two hours. We truly wanted to see Joshua Tree. This just meant that we have a pending trip for next year... maybe tomorrow? Haha. 


Okay, on a side note... this sucker was going pretty fast. It was jam packed with eighty people too! It goes to the top of this mountain, and well... it's pretty high up. I'm not scared... well not about the height. I think my spastic claustrophobia kicked in. 

But just taking that moment to look around, it brought a peace within that only nature can suffice. I love California's fall and winter because at times you do get trees changing color or getting ready to start anew. I love observing the details of seeds and whatnot. I guess there's a solemn feel to autumn and winter, but I take it as tranquility. As humans, we have many aspects to our personalities. At times we're hyper and loud (something I know much about), but we also need to quiet down and take things in. I got to meditate about so much on this trip. I know lots of my friends might joke around about my love for nature, but I see it as an outlet and what helps us maintain sanity in a world that has us on deadlines.

We hit the road again. That's when we ran into the giants... gasp. Keep tuned into part two of the trip.


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