Outfit of the Day: Red and Grey

Work... work always has it's ups and it's downs. One of the things that I love about work is waking up and having to decide what to wear. Sounds dumb but I've been on a strict budget, limiting my shopping. Working at Anthropologie makes that a harder feat. 

Working with what I have and trying not to repeat an outfit is the usual plan in the morning. For the most part my closet is composed of Anthro and thrift, with a few random pieces here and there. Things are a bit easier to find since I try to keep things in order by color (here's a link to see some of my closet). So below is yesterday's work outfit. 


close up

I got this top a long time ago at the thrift store. It's quite bright. The skirt is from Target, maybe two years old, I remember my friend Genesis' liking to it when I got it. Grey is such a great neutral, I feel like it tones down the bright red. The jacket, ah the jacket. It was a gift from my amazing friend Andrea... and it's a Zara jacket. My suede Oxfords have cutouts on the top of them, Urban Outfitters. My other Dooney bag is the perfect size the essentials: my El Amor en Tiempos de Cólera (Love in Times of Colera), Viva la Glam 1 lipstick by MAC, and my tortoise shell cat-eye sunglasses. 


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