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I live in one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the US. There's always something to do in LA, whether that be on a Wednesday or smack dap in the weekend. Yes, traffic is always a pain and must be taken into consideration whenever planning for something, but who cares! Traffic comes with LA. 

I love being out and about on cold days. I feel like the world is getting ready for the winter, so there's more action. I like to know what's going on so I can just go out with friends. I'd like to share some websites that I tend to flock to in order to know what's going on. 

Ultimate favorite site goes to... drum roll please... 
  1. Flavorpill! I love, love, love Flavorpill. It covers everything you'd want to see or know about in LA, SF, NY, London, or Miami. It tells you about art exhibits, new books, food events, concerts, etc. 
  2. Cinespia is a site I go to during the summer time, but they do screen films during these cold days (like The Royal Tenenbaums) in the old theaters on Broadway in downtown. 
  3. Thrillist I go to for more of a foodie guide. It has the newest restaurants in LA, more pricy stuff and more grown-up vibe... just my type of site. 
  4. DowntownLA is well, everything downtown LA. It even tells you about happy hours
  5. Timeout is the last go-to site. I get more of a touristy feel from this site. So if you have visitors, which most of my friends are used to... check this out. 
  6. I'll throw this last one in because it's not only a site I love to check out, but their magazine is amazing as well. Los Angeles Magazine is aaaawsome! There's tons of things to check out under their Best of LA and culture tabs. 
So there you go. Yes, as Angelenos we see a little dark cloud in the sky and call it a "storm" but get out there and have fun. I know I will, and hey maybe I'll see you out there and we can grab a drink. Enjoy! 

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  1. lets go to some of these places together, we do
    live in LA lol!


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