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So I'm adding this new segment to my blog, street style! My favorite blog is all about street style. Seeing how I'm always in LA and I find myself checking out people's outfits... I though this a perfect addition. 

So since I was doing some volunteer work, I was in a bit of a rush when I bummed into Braylen Brooks on Broadway. He was so sweet, flattered that I went up to him. I regret that I didn't take pictures of the details that made me love his look :( 


Such an adorable guy! I loved his facial expressions, such a sweetheart. The buttons on his vest were really cool. And his bag, well all I have to say that I wanted that bag haha. 

Then while my friend was grabbing a drink on Spring Street, we bummed into Midori (even her name was awesome!). 

Seeing her short hair makes me want to go ahead with my decision of cutting my hair! Her look was well put together. Once again, sorry for no detail shots... but her glasses were wicked! Clear frames. A pale pink skirt brought together the black pieced of her outfit. I also loved her gold giraffe necklace she had on. She mentioned how most of her outfit was American Apparel. 

Midori is from the valley, and well since there isn't much to do there, she finds herself in LA a lot. I'm so glad we bummed into her! Thanks for being in my first street style post 


  1. Nice! The short hair is soooo rad, I wanted to cut my hair but I think at this point my hair is my signature look, sooooo cutting it would make me feel like an imposter lol! …..I think street style blogs are so bold and inspirational, cool post.


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