One More Trip for 2013. Part Two: Joshua Tree


Where did we leave off? Oh yes! The giants!!! 

I can't help but to snap pictures at windmills. They remind me of when my father brought me "Don Quixote de la Mancha." It was hardcover and divided into volumes. He'd read it to me.

My love for the stories in books and the worlds they took me to started off at an early age. It was a time when the stories felt as real as ever. I still try to immerse myself into every book I pick up.

After we said goodbye to the giants, we finally got to Joshua Tree... Yay!!!

Side note... Listening to U2's "The Joshua Tree" just made so much more sense in that environment.

The desert seems lonely and lifeless, but it's the complete opposite. There are so many creatures and types of plant life there. The rock formations in themselves are created through movement of lava and the earth. It was surreal... Even skull rock.

sorry... it's tradition

There was a moment while I was sketching and writing that Radiohead's "House of Cards" started playing on my iPod. We were all quiet, letting Thom do his thing. The sky was clear, twilight had fallen, and we were surrounded by cacti. Just us three and nature.

I have no true words that are able to capture what I felt and saw. The peace of mind and tranquility reached was something I was grateful to have experienced. I just wanted to stay there, like that for a few more days... A few more moments.

Heading back home brought about deep serious topics. We talked about love, the future, things we've encountered, things we've concurred, our hopes and fears. I loved every word and point of view shared.

All our conversations reminded me of the windmills and something Don Quixote said, "Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we could have wished. Look over there, friend Sancho Panza, where more than thirty monstrous giants appear." Don Quixote found these giants to be a fortunate foe, he wanted to fight. He was courageous and faced anything that appeared before HIS own eyes.

Whatever the future holds, whether it causes fear or not, I want that attitude. To see an obstacle as an opportunity, and to be eager to face it. It's a way of growth. So next time a giant is before us, it's our chance to conquer and grow.


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